Pop Quiz!

Is it important to your business for your current and potential customers to receive an immediate and consistently accurate response to their online questions?

By how much would your support costs be reduced if your online support was automated and rarely required intervention by a live support person?

Is it critical to your business to utilize the most innovative technology currently available to keep your customer service satisfaction performance ahead of the competition's?

Can iMail help you to achieve all of these goals and much more?

(Answers: yes, a lot, yes, definitely.)

What Is iMail?

iMail is a self-learning (and self-correcting) expert system that becomes an integral part of your email support process. At first, it simply observes, and learns from, the communication between your customers and support representatives, quickly becoming smarter, and gaining knowledge about your products and services. As its intelligence grows, it begins to offer responses to the incoming questions, and can, in fact, engage in interactive dialogue with your customers, if needed. Soon, as its database of knowledge grows, iMail will respond to the majority - if not all - of your support queries, leaving your capable support staff to respond to new and/or more complex questions and problems.

How Does It Work?

1. A customer asks a question. The email, either a direct message or a re-routed message from an online support page, is sent to iMail.

2. iMail processes the message. If it understands the message, and can provide a suitable answer, it responds immediately to the customer.

3. If iMail cannot provide an answer, the message is forwarded to a support representative.

4. The support representative sends a response back through iMail to the customer. iMail processes, and learns from, the message, so that during the processing of a subsequent message of similar meaning, it can provide an immediate response.

How Can iMail Help You?
  • Online support costs are reduced because support representatives are not responding to email messages.

  • Phone support costs are also reduced. When customers learn that you have an effective and responsive online support system, they will tend to use it more often, rather than utilize expensive phone support.

  • iMail provides an immediate response to all queries. The result is higher customer satisfaction levels and lower shopping cart abandonment rates.

  • Image is everything. By utilizing iMail, you are communicating a desire to provide the best possible support to your customers and, to that end, your willingness to implement the most advanced technology currently available.

  • iMail requires no setup (and there are no setup fees). iMail is self-learning and self-correcting, and does not require the manual creation of keyword-based mail-handling rules like other systems. It simply watches and learns, and when it can help, it does, without getting in the way.

  • iMail is a zero-risk system. When running in 'Safe-Mode', iMail will provide suggested responses to support representatives for final approval before responding to a customer.

  • A 60-day risk-free trial is available.

  • iMail utilizes the web services provided by DNLE and Interactive AI, hosted off-site by Purple.

  • iMail can be configured to function as a comprehensive email-automation system, complete with its own web-based inbox, or, as an add-on component to an existing system. In this case, iMail integrates seamlessly with your current mail applications and processes. Setup only involves routing incoming email to an iMail address (e.g. imail@purpleincorporated.com). It's that simple.

  • The iMail user-interface is implemented as an on-demand web-based software service. No installation is required.

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