What is iTalk?

iTalk is an integrated AI system that observes all of the online support interactions between your call center representatives and customers (chat conversations and email communication), understands the meaning of the conversations and learns from them, and then, as its intelligence grows, automatically interacts with customers through an online chat window, providing immediate, consistently accurate, helpful answers and advice, at all times.

Why do you need iTalk?

Enabling customers to solve their own problems, by providing automated web-based self-service support, is dramatically less expensive than providing one-on-one support with a live support representative. Research figures suggest that the cost of telephone-based customer support is about $33 per incident, while live-chat based support costs about $10. Implementing an automated online support system, one that is capable of learning from past experience, engaging customers in interactive conversation, and consistently providing accurate information, can reduce costs to pennies per support incident.

More importantly, iTalk will improve your top line growth simply because customers who receive immediate answers to their questions and support issues, are satisfied customers, are more likely to remain satisfied customers, will continue to purchase your products and services, and will encourage others to do so.

For online etailers, this translates into a measurable positive effect on customer conversion rates: fewer shopping carts will be abandoned.

How Does it Work?

1. A customer opens iTalk's online chat window and enters a comment or question.

2. iTalk quickly processes the question. If it understands the question, and can provide a suitable answer, it responds immediately to the customer.

3. If iTalk cannot provide an answer, it immediately contacts a support representative and allows the representative to respond to the question by entering the reply directly into the iTalk chat window.

4. The support representative sends a response back through iTalk to the customer. iTalk processes, and learns from, the reply, so that during the processing of a subsequent question of similar meaning, it can provide an immediate response.

How Can iTalk Help You?
  • Online support costs are reduced because automated self-service support is dramatically less expensive than a live support person.

  • Phone support costs are also reduced. When customers learn that you have an effective and responsive online support system, they will tend to use it more often, rather than utilize expensive phone support.

  • iTalk provides an immediate response to all queries. The result is higher customer satisfaction levels and lower shopping cart abandonment rates.

  • Image is everything. By utilizing iTalk, you are communicating a desire to provide the best possible support to your customers and, to that end, your willingness to implement the most advanced technology currently available.

  • iTalk requires no setup (and there are no setup fees). iTalk is self-learning and self-correcting, and does not require the manual creation of keyword-based query rules like other systems. It simply watches and learns, and when it can help, it does, without getting in the way.

  • Since the iTalk chat window is hosted by Purple, integration with your existing website and support systems, is virtually pain-free, and simply involves providing a link to your customized iTalk chat window. The appearance of the iTalk chat window can be configured so that it integrates seamlessly with the look-and-feel of your current site.

  • iTalk is not just an online self-service knowledgebase. iTalk will intelligently engage in conversation to solve a problem, answer a question, step through a configuration procedure, and so on.

  • An online knowledgebase has a purpose, but its purpose is different than iTalk's. A knowledgebase requires a customer to manually search for answers to their problem. iTalk engages customers in conversation just like a live support person to guide them through a decision tree and arrive at an answer or meaningful solution.

  • iTalk learns through experience - just like us. Everyday it becomes smarter.

  • iTalk is a zero-risk system. When running in 'Safe-Mode', iTalk will provide suggested responses to support representatives for final approval before responding to a customer. At no time, will your customers be given incorrect or misleading information.

  • A 60-day risk-free trial is available.

  • iTalk utilizes the web services provided by DNLE and Interactive AI, hosted off-site by Purple.

  • The iTalk user-interface is implemented as an on-demand web-based software service. No installation is required.

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