What is Interact|crm?

Interact|crm is iTalk on steriods. It enables phone support representatives to provide the best and most efficient customer support possible, by actively assisting in the support conversation and providing the correct answer to a customer query and/or conversation thread, while concurrently contributing to and drawing from the comprehensive information store of your organization or business.

What Is The Problem And How Does Interact|crm Solve It?

The management of a typical support team, supporting a complex set of products and services, is a difficult task, to say the least. Not only is the composition of your team constantly evolving, but, given the current pace of technology growth, the products and services it is supporting are constantly evolving as well. How, then, do top-tier support representatives become knowledgeable about changes to your products and services (including new information about problems and solutions)? How is this information quickly transferred to other support team members? How do new members of the team efficiently achieve a level of expertise that allows them to effectively contribute to the support effort? How can you ensure that correct, complete, and up-to-date information is provided to your customers?

The solution involves an important - but difficult - challenge: the rapid and efficient transmission of knowledge. Interact|crm enables organizations to achieve the highest levels of information ubiquitisness by providing a tool that (1) dynamically assists reps during support conversations, by suggesting dialogue that is driven by the global information store, and (2) simultaneously encourages and supports the flow of information from technical engineers and knowledgeable representatives to less knowledgeable representatives, dramatically improving the quality of your customer's support experience and the speed at which support representatives gain appropriate skill levels.

How Can Interact|crm Help You?
  • Support costs are reduced. You'll observe lower time per call rates because Interact|crm is efficiently guiding your support reps through their support calls: providing the appropriate questions and the most useful answers.

  • Training costs are minimized. Since Interact|crm will actively participate in the support call, very little training time is required. Reps learn by doing, and can make a positive contribution to your team at an early stage in the training process.

  • Interact|crm encourages knowledge sharing. Successful support conversations automatically become a part of Interact's memory, continuously enhancing its ability to provide a helpful support interaction.

  • Your customer's support experience will always be positive: they will receive the correct answer to their question and the best solution their problem - without delay.

  • Interact|crm is easy to use. Support reps can successfully use Interact|crm without any training at all.

  • Interact|crm doesn't require manual searching. It simply listens to the support conversation and suggests appropriate dialog. Nothing could be easier. Support reps will be productive on the first day of their employment.

  • Interact|crm requires no setup (and there are no setup fees). Interact|crm is self-learning and self-correcting, and does not require the manual creation of keyword-based information-handling rules like other systems. It simply watches and learns, and when it can help, it does, without getting in the way.

  • Interact|crm is a zero-risk system. It can be deployed in a phased approach: first, to knowledgeable support reps who can ensure the Interact|crm is providing (and will provide) accurate information, then to larger groups of representatives.

  • A 60-day risk-free trial is available.

  • Interact|crm utilizes the web services provided by DNLE and Interactive AI, hosted off-site by Purple.

  • The Interact|crm user-interface is implemented as an on-demand web-based software service. No installation is required.

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